The Missing Element in Your Sales Funnel - Chad Fullerton
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The Missing Element in Your Sales Funnel

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The first thing new online business owners learn is the power of the sales funnel.

There are many WordPress plugins to help you design your funnel and landing pages (I recommend Elementor and CartFlows. These are my affiliate links).

And yet, maybe you’re becoming frustrated because your funnel isn’t performing as well as you expect it to.

So what’s missing?

If your funnel doesn’t bring in steady cash flow month after month, it is most likely because of lack of consistency and cohesion.

Don’t be discouraged. But do look at your offers and funnel with an objective eye and ask yourself these questions:

Is my opt-in offering meeting a real need to my ideal client?

Too often we create a webinar or an eBook without stopping to think about if our ideal client — the one we want to work with — really needs it or wants it.

If your opt-in does not answer a client’s driving question or solve a problem, they will pass.

Is my follow-up series helping resolve their problems?

Here is where many funnels fall apart… in the follow-up.

Your follow-up emails must address the same issue that brought your reader to you in order to maintain cohesion.

Trust can be damaged by unrelated products or affiliate offers that are not related.

Does my funnel flow well?

In conclusion… focus on how your funnel flows. Funnels are made of various different offers and pages. Is it clear to your user what the next step is?

Do each of your upsell pages have a clear way to skip the offer and proceed to accessing what they purchased?

If you focus on each of these areas, you can improve your funnel performance.

Contact me at Fullerton Media to hop on a consultation call to review your funnel if you aren’t sure how to improve it.