Bring the pool to your office with Poolside.FM - Chad Fullerton

Bring the pool to your office with Poolside.FM

If you’re a fan of the 80’s and new wave retro, then this is for you!

While working on your projects, visit to crank up some 80’s retro vibe jams and remixes to get you smiling while you work. 🎉🤩🥤

The site has a curated playlist of songs to get you into the poolside mood while you work, plus they play fun 80’s TV commercials alongside the music player, all on a site that has been themed to look like an old computer desktop. Funky!

Poolside FM was conceived one awfully rainy summer in the Highlands of Scotland. The audio and video streams are curated to inject a healthy dose of serotonin into your brain. 

You can visit their Instagram account @poolsidefm, with a similarly curated list of tunes.

So grab your summer drink and bring the pool/beach inside to your office while you work!