LearnDash Has New Membership Features! - Chad Fullerton

LearnDash Has New Membership Features!

LearnDash has added new features in version 3.2 that provides you with content protection and membership features!

This means you can now sell access to LearnDash Groups and Memberships.

This is a game changer!

Instead of selling access to individual courses, you now can create various groups that contain access to multiple courses (course bundles). When someone purchases access to the group then they get enrolled into all the courses associated with that group.

You can sell access for a one-time price, or on a recurring subscription.

The following methods are supported for selling:

– WooCommerce (awesome!)
– PayPal
– Stripe

This also includes advanced content protection features allowing you to protect any Page or Post on your site according to Group Membership.

This new feature opens up a ton of new possibilities for how you offer restricted content to your learners.

And with LearnDash’s new Zoom integration, it really opens up new options for coaching services and coaching memberships or communities.

Groups can now also be split into sub-groups!

Group Leaders Can Now Create Courses for Their Members!

Unlike some membership plugins for WordPress, LearnDash allows your members to be members of multiple group memberships simultaneously.

Check out more at LearnDash.