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Lead Capture Should Be Your Top Website Priority

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Make sure you have a lead capture system in place.

It costs less than $20/mo to get an email marketing service setup like MailChimp, ConvertKit, Mailerlite, or the others I recommend.

Why is an email marketing service so important? Because capturing leads (email addresses) of your visitors is vital to marking and attracting traffic to your site in a cost-effective way.

If you are paying for Google or Facebook/Instagram ads to send traffic to your website, you want to capture their email so you can market to them again without having to pay for the ‘click’ again.

If you don’t capture that lead’s email when they land on your landing page, and that prospect is not ready to buy at that exact moment… once they leave the page, you’ve likely lost them forever, with no way of reaching out to them when the time might be right for them to buy!

When we launch a new website, we imagine that everyone who stumbled upon it is as riveted on the information we’ve posted as we are. We assume that they will spend a good amount of time reading each and every page with absorbed curiosity.

The truth is… they don’t.

People get distracted easily and may not be completely focused on your content when they have your site open on their screen.

BING! An important email pops up in their inbox, or a text message comes in from their partner… and in a blink of an eye, they’ve bounced from your site.

Most visitors forget to come back to your website to see new blogs and content you’ve posted.

So when you get them to arrive on your website because they typed in a search that matches your article content, you think they’re going to stay. But don’t count on it! They can leave just as fast as they arrived.

What you need is a sign-up form to grab their email address. This is what is meant by a lead capture.

If you have a good email marketing service you’ll be able to set up an automated auto-responder message later on that goes out automatically once the visitor signs up to your list. This will be a gentle little tap on the reader’s proverbial shoulders, saying “Hey, remember me? You came to our website for information. Here’s what we can do for you next…”

Once you have their email you can do many things:

  • Send them an email or series of emails educating them about your industry or a topic related to your services
  • Notify them about new blog post articles you’ve published
  • Tell them about a new product or service you have
  • Update them on industry-related news they would find interesting
  • Send an email about a related product they might want to buy, with your affiliate link
  • Remind them about a product they were reading about on your website
  • Send them an invitation to jump on a Zoom call with you, so you can see how you can help them

The list goes on and on.

So, having a lead capture form is the number one priority that you should have in place if you’re looking to improve your website and marketing efforts.

Remember, courting customers is a process. It’s easier to make the sale when your customers feel like they already know and trust you. That begins by getting them on your email list and then beginning to engage them with valuable information. The more you engage with them, the more likely they are to click that buy button.

If you want to learn more about lead capture forms, reach out to me. Let’s chat.