How to Capture Non-buyers On Your E-Commerce Site - Chad Fullerton
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How to Capture Non-buyers On Your E-Commerce Site

A potential customer visits your website. They check out your landing page, read your offer, but don’t buy. How can you still sell that person your product?

Two powerful strategies:

  1. Retargeting – This is when your ad appears on other websites, reminding a prospective buyer that they were interested in your product at one point. You can retarget using ad platforms such as Facebook Ads using the Facebook Pixel. Once they purchase, you can pixel the buyer on the thank-you page so that they no longer see your retargeting ad campaign.
  2. Wait! Popup – When someone is about to leave your sales page without buying, present them with a pop-up containing an irresistible offer. For example, if your product is a book, offer them the first 3 chapters for free. If it’s a course, offer them the first 2 modules, and so forth. Get their email address, and then drip the free content out to them over the coming days, encouraging them to buy the product so they can get all the benefits they’re seeking.