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Getting Content Ideas for Your Niche

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Are you having a hard time figuring out content to create for your niche?

The winning formula is to find a topic that you’re passionate about that has an audience of people who are seeking guidance/solutions for common issues around that topic. You can then build your content and products around that.

Facebook Groups = free focus groups

I personally like joining Facebook Groups and seeing what the biggest discussion posts are about. Look for posts where users are expressing a problem/struggle/questions and if there are a lot of comments on the post with people sharing that they went through the same problem/struggle… it could be a great topic to write about in your blog or create a workshop/product around the topic and the solution to that problem.

Look at popular comments

You can also measure popularity of topics and problems by searching YouTube for your topic and sorting the videos by most viewed/popular. If a video has a lot of views and is published fairly recently (in the past 12 months), it might be something worth pursuing as content you can create for your own channel, blog, or as a digital product. Read the comments, especially ones with a lot of thumbs up votes. This tip also applies to sites like Reddit, etc.

Take notes from online reviews

This is an old tip but a great one that I still use today. Head over to Amazon, search your niche, find the top books in your niche and head over to the reviews section of the top 5 books. If you filter the reviews to those who gave 1-3 stars you’ll find problems and gaps that readers found with the books, and they’ll usually share what was missing from the book or what they are still trying to find help with. If you filter the 4-5 star reviews, you’ll find buyers telling you what stood out to them in the book and what they liked the most. Write all these points down and incorporate them into your next product or course.

Scope out your competition

I’m surprised when I see entrepreneurs forgetting this and not looking at what their competition is doing in their niche. It’s important to stay on top of trends in your industry, and if you check out what products and blog content your competitors are releasing, you can quickly see what might be worth your time to create something bigger and better. Remember: A lot of successful products weren’t necessarily first to market, they may have launched later but took their time iterating and making their version better. In the end, ideas are great.. but it’s how well you execute on them that matters most.