Don’t Give Up on Your Blog Just Yet (Here’s Why!) - Chad Fullerton

Don’t Give Up on Your Blog Just Yet (Here’s Why!)

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Have you been contemplating taking down your blog because you don’t think people will find it useful or you think your posts are too old or stale?

We frequently take our knowledge for granted! You might not feel very impressed by what you know or what you have shared on your website, but another person might come across you and think you’re brilliant!

Just because you’ve grown tired of looking at and thinking about your website doesn’t mean that someone else is not going to find value in it.

Even if you may think what you’ve blogged about on your website is common knowledge, it only feels that way because you’ve very likely surrounded yourself with people in your industry who think like you! When you’re reading blogs of other people in your industry, you can easily get caught up in an ‘echo chamber’ where you keep seeing the same, tired messages over and over again.

Perhaps the messages are getting old to you, but not to the individual who would do anything to learn how to accomplish what you do but knows nothing about it.

Remember: the whole point in having a blog is that someone else who does not know what you know could learn something from you!

You’d be surprised at the snowball effect that happens when you get into an online content reinvention frame of mind. In fact, it might help you completely transform or pivot the focus of your business!

The moment you’re ready to throw in the cards is the exact moment when it’s time to transcend, transform, and really commit to a new way of working! Use this moment to leap forward to the next level of profits and success in your business.