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Automate Your Business With Digital Tech

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Take your business through this series of questions to see if you can automate some, most or all of your business functions.

Anytime there is an opportunity to use technology to simplify your business model, you should take advantage!

If you have been investing in marketing professionals such as writers and designers, is there a way for you to cut down on the need to hire people after setting up tech-based alternatives?

Content is now available for purchase as a product. You can very affordably pay for the rights to different types of content and then tailor it to your business communication. This will save you a ton of time and help you create more marketing communication for your business, which is what you want if you’re looking to grow and expand.

If you sell physical products, is there a way for you to use virtual drop shipping options?

Do you have a physical location for your business? Have you hired people to show up and work there, but now you’re looking to consolidate and pay less while ensuring more output?

There could very well be a way to transform this into a drop-shipping global business scenario where people can work flexible hours from locations around the world.

Is there a way to streamline your business communication?

Make a list of all the ways you tend to repeat the same messages to customers daily. Do the typical questions cause you to lose a lot of time, productivity and profits because you must hire customer support workers?

Consider how your business communication can be created and planned in advance, then sent out automatically to customers using email systems.

How many income streams do you have coming in?

Is there potential to increase your income streams? Can you add a second? What about a third or fourth?

The more income sources you have coming in, the more revenue you will create without having to do a whole extra lot of work.

This is especially the case for online business, because the potential to automate everything and create a hands-off revenue stream seems fairly simple… and it can be! Once you do it a few times, you’ll discover shortcuts that mean you’re able to launch new niche sites, products and funnels faster by repeating the process.

Have you automated as many parts of your funnel as possible?

A funnel is simply the series of actions that you send the customer through to get more engagement, interest and subsequent sales.

Your email message goes out, and the customer takes action based on what you say. Then, depending on what they do, your pre-set communication might trigger another customer action thanks to a different message.

After a few days, if you have set up an autoresponder, maybe you will make contact with your customer again by emailing out another message. Again, the goal is to get them to take action.

Using marketing funnels to set up automated income streams is one of the most brilliant advantages of having an online business model.

If you have failed to set up funnels in the past and feel you aren’t squeezing as much income potential out of each sale as you could be, reach out to me for a funnel audit review and we’ll see how you could make it perform better.